欢迎光临 我们一直在努力




Really mature men are trying to be ducks! Don't think about it, I said that being a duck is not what you think. So what does this sentence mean? Then read it patiently. We have all seen ducks in the water, ducks calm and calm in the water, leisurely and self-satisfied, many people will be sighed at that time: I am a good duck, carefree.

That is, he only looks at the leisurely content of the ducks on the water, but he did not see the ducks under the water in the water, so that they can continue to move forward. The same is true of a truly mature man!Really mature men are trying to be ducks. A truly mature man should also have this kind of cognition: If you want people to be expensive, you must be sinned.

All the high salaries are behind a group of people who are working hard, and only with great effort can they seem to be effortless. Ducks know the truth, only when their feet are under the water, they can only look calm. Therefore, mature people seldom blame others, complain that wages are too low, scold the world for injustice, but take the initiative to upgrade their abilities and make themselves valuable. In fact, the process of earning money is not complicated. How much money you can create, how much you can earn, has nothing to do with the level of hard work. The stronger the ability, the wider the road ahead.

There is a very hot question in knowing: Why do men don’t go upstairs after driving home, like to sit in the car and daze? This question, one of the answers that knows a high number of praises is like this: Many times I don’t want to get off at home, because it is a dividing point, pushing the door, you are the rice, the father, the husband, But it is not your own, in the car, a person in the car wants to be quiet, smoke, this body belongs to himself.

When it comes to people who are not gregarious, what is your first impression? It is certain that many people will have such a picture in their minds. Unsocial people are so isolated, away from the collective, silent and whispering, and can be left in a corner that is easily forgotten.

Yes, people who are not gregarious are out of place with the public. This is a lonely soul. Although he is in the middle of the city, he is outside the downtown area. Their three views seem to be different from us, and some even seem strange and absurd. In short, people who are not gregarious are not gregarious, including their souls.

We usually say that a person is not gregarious, with a sneer in his tone, just like treating a weirdo. But it is undeniable that people who are not gregarious are indeed better than us in some respects. They have unique insights, strong execution and self-control, which also determines that he is better than us. Therefore, people who are not gregarious will stand out from the crowd.

People who are not gregarious will lose a lot, but they will get more. People who are not gregarious have almost no friends around them, and their relationship with colleagues is also normal. They don't like to attend meetings organized by colleagues, and they don't want to make friends with them. They feel that interpersonal communication is a wasteful and time-consuming thing. They would rather spend their time on their hobbies.

In our opinion, the unconformity of human figures is only a single, lonely, very poor. But they don't think so. They are tired of interpersonal relationships, and they are happy to be free. They can't help but be less confused, so that they can immerse themselves in the things they like.

Because they don't have to spend energy to build social relationships, they have more time to do what they want to do. Therefore, when others enjoy themselves, they are working hard and thinking hard. It wasn't until many years later that people around me were still doing nothing, but they made a name for themselves and they became famous.

On the surface, they lost a lot, lost their companionship, lost the opportunity to play, but in the end they got the reputation, wealth and status that everyone would never envy. People who are not gregarious are superficially lonely, but they are full of wealth.

In our opinion, those who are not gregarious will feel lonely. In fact, we only judge according to our standards. What is the spiritual world of people, only he knows best. But I want to tell you that people who are not gregarious, their spiritual world is much more colorful than us.

Our company once had such a female colleague. She went to work on time every day. We felt weird. I didn’t hear that she was a boyfriend, but she was alone. Why is it so active? The most confusing thing is that she never even participated in the activities we organized on weekends. She is mysterious to us, but she does not see where it is different from us. Until one day, a colleague sent us a video, and everyone knew that she won the first prize in a guzheng competition.

Under our questioning, she told us arbitrarily that she felt that she should have a skill and went to the training class to learn the guzheng. In fact, this is also a dream for her childhood. Because she usually goes to work, she has to go to work and go to class on weekends.

When she excitedly told us about the feeling of being immersed in those melodies, we all had the feeling of being there. It turns out that a person who is far away from the public circle for his own interests can live so happy and be so fulfilled. Some people say: "Growth is a process of constant loss." Everyone's life will meet many people, miss a lot of people, a lot of things happen, but also shed tears of annoyance.

There are always two or three regrets that cannot be avoided. Fortunately, growth is also a process of continuous acquisition. The road you have traveled, the people you have met, the injuries you have suffered, the scenery you have seen, will be integrated into your bones little by little, and will settle in your temperament. Everything in the world has its cause and effect. All the loss in life will be compensated in the years to come.

In the past few years, I often regret the departure of my friends. Some people, it was very good at the beginning, intimate, almost nothing to talk about, a phone call can be played for several hours. In the QQ space, the message circle of the circle of friends still retains the record of frequent interactions. But when did you stop contacting it? "You didn't return my last message, and I haven't looked for you anymore." So they disappeared silently into each other's lives.

At first, it would be a pity to think of it. It was so good at the beginning, so let’s go and leave?
All the losses will be compensated until later. I have been in contact for a long time without contact. The old friends during the study came out to eat. The two sat down and had no previous conversations. Only when they talked about the past, there were still some sparks.

She has games and anime that she likes. I am also keen on reading and keeping alive. When I talk, I can't understand it. I feel bored and boring. During the period of study, the academics, teachers, classmates, and circles are all the same, and there are naturally endless words. And when we went out of the campus and walked into the lives of adults, the time finally polished us into different tempers.

After the meal, goodbye, although not speaking, but also clear to each other, can no longer go back.
Whether you are willing or not, even if there is no quarrel and no contradiction, but what is destined to be lost, it will still be lost. A person’s life will probably reach 29.2 million people, and few can go to the end.

Some people are destined to gradually drift away. It is a great fate to have a good day to go through in a long life. If you look at it, there is nothing you can't lose. One by two, each life is happy. Parting is also the pursuit of a better world. Therefore, I would like to thank those who have been to my life in the past; for those who are with us now, cherish them; for those who may meet each other in the future, we will welcome them. The Buddha said: "Your pain comes from your obsession."

Love is not allowed, not full, the root of pain in feelings is nothing more than obsessive. Too persistent, refused to let go, and ultimately hurt yourself. I have heard the story of a reader. She was born in an incomplete family. Parents are patriarchal, plus the family is not rich, almost all the money and love are given to the younger brother. She, from a young age, is the indifference of family, or it is the chores that can't be done at home. When I was 18 years old, I came out to earn money. I suffered a lot of setbacks. The worst thing was that, after losing love, I was cheated by the other party.

She cried hysterically, and did not understand why God had to treat her like this, and countless nights thought about whether or not to end this life. Fortunately, everything is fine. She met her husband, although not very rich, but enough to love her, young people have not received the love, all made up in the marriage, two people live a warm little days. This is the case in life, and everything cannot be completed. If you have something, you will lose it. If you have something to lose, you will have it.

Just like Jia Jingwen, who is now happy and happy in marriage and family, she has experienced the sad days of tearing her face, sue, and vying for child custody. What made you sad before and now, the future will not still make you continue to be sad. Years of age continue to flow, everything changes, will continue to lose, will continue to get. Someone makes you cry, someone will make you laugh, let you forgive all the martyrdom in the world. There are things that make you feel uncomfortable, and there will be things that make you feel warm. All lost will be repaid and returned in another way. There is a song that sings like this: "I have all the luck, and all I have lost is life."

You don't know, what you have now, when will you lose. Therefore, we must cherish the present. Lost, in the end, will become an experience in life, no one can erase it, so don't be too sorry. I have always believed that losing is actually another form of possession. Use your heart, use all your strength, and love someone. Even if you end up like a moth, there is no good result, but the traces of love will not dissipate. Finally, I learned love in my pay, and I understood love in my grievances.

If the test fails, it seems that all efforts are lost, but in fact, the knowledge you enter into your own brain and soul will not disappear, but will accompany you for a lifetime and become one of the abilities that make you. The road you have traveled, the people you have loved, the scenery you have seen, the ones that you really feel are really guilty. All the loss in life will be compensated. Constantly losing, is constantly getting. Unfamiliar people, with amazing self-control and strong execution, so in the end can stand out from the crowd and make us far behind.

They have a clear plan for the future, know what to do, and what should not be done. In order to realize their own ideals, they deliberately alienated from the people around them, away from the days of craving for fun, drunken dreams. They told themselves that if they want to achieve their goals, they can't do whatever they want, and they must learn to make things. To achieve the goals, they need to be strictly enforced, step by step, and persevere.

Usually, they are not born and lonely, but deliberately. Of course, this kind of genius with defects in interpersonal relationships is not excluded. Unsocial people reject many low-level circles and stay away from socialization without value and meaning, so they can focus more on their own careers. Don't look down on those who are not gregarious. Lonely keeps them away from you and concentrates on what they like. Sooner or later, they will stand out from the crowd and let us climb high.

Zhang Ailing said: After a middle-aged man, he often feels lonely, because when he opens his eyes, he is surrounded by people who depend on him, but there is no one he can rely on. I think that a truly mature man is not someone who can rely on it, but prefers to bear it alone, hide negative emotions and monopolize pressure. This is a mature performance of a man. No matter who you are, it is not easy to live. It is the real maturity to try to play different roles.

Take responsibility: work hard and set off the family. No matter how big the lake is, the reason why the duck can walk freely and wherever he wants to go is because his feet are always working hard. Similarly, a truly mature man must be working hard to fight for the family to live better, to hold the family on the shoulders, and to be responsible. Being responsible and responsible, this is a sign that a man is maturing, maturity has never been related to age, and some people are not mature enough for a lifetime.