欢迎光临 我们一直在努力




If you don't have money, you can have fun, don't play, sorry for yourself. It is a must-have process for life and death.

 Since you know that there are four things, don't you go play?

Play, do not need to have any conditions, see ants moving can also look at the old half-day. You can play enough if you have a cheap goldfish and a flower that is worthless.

Playing chess, planting flowers, raising goldfish, don't have to spend too much money, buy some daily necessities that make you pleasing, and don't waste too much. It's definitely not funthing, but plaything.

"What are the bad things?" Feng Kanghou said, "It can be arty and more beautiful. Modern people will not play, and even the elegant style will not be attached."

 There are many experts who teach you how to make money. Open the financial version of the newspaper to guide you every day, and the boss who has a successful career will make a speech. The bookstore is full of rich memoirs and biographies, all of which are seen and not necessarily developed.

It is still a book that teaches you how to play, it is more beautiful, human beings live to die, do not play sorry for themselves. Life is not fair to us. We cry when we are born. Life is plagued by literacy. When we grow up, we don’t like things. We can only get a psychological balance if we play.

I talked to my friends in the Mainland about the way of life. The usual reaction is: "You have money, so there are conditions to cultivate all kinds of interests, we can't do it."

It has always been emphasized that interest and money are somewhat related, but not absolute. Like planting flowers and raising fish, it can be studied by ordinary varieties, and it costs little. Reading is the best interest. The fact that the current books are getting more and more expensive is a fact, but it is by no means a number that cannot be afforded. Moreover, the library is waiting for you for free.

Repeatedly and repeatedly, interest can be turned into wealth. When a kind of thing is researched deep, it becomes an expert. Experts can exchange money with new varieties. At least they can write articles to earn a lot of money. It was written seven or eight hundred years ago. On the theory, I feel that my ignorance and insignificance, and I have learned to be modest.

 Visiting the bookstore is a happy life for me, and many people who buy books online do not know.

Does the book have a fragrance? The answer is yes. The taste of paper comes from trees, and the things of nature are mostly fragrant. Visit the bookstore, touch the book with your hand, pick up the frame that you don't like, put it back on the shelf, and take it home, how happy! The only problem is that the book is so heavy.

The meaning of shopping is that there is leisure. The bookstore can't be too big, slowly appreciate it, stay in it for an hour, just call it.

It's better to live a life. We won't get older, we will only get better.

Everyone can only be young once, everyone is singing the pricelessness of youth: the young birds will not come back! La la la la! what! Don't waste it!

But each one can only be once in middle age, once in old age. Every stage of life is precious, why bother? Feet, arrogance, and insufficiency. Looking at the previous photos, I only miss my tall and thin body, and there is the rest of the cynical melancholy.

Human beings are old, old is not a terrible thing, but old and stubborn and old and annoyed is not worth living. We have a physical age and a spiritual age. My father said that after he was 50, his birthday began to count down, so he was only 20 years old this year.

Instead, seeing the stereotypes of life, unsmiling, and ignorant young people, they are really old. Poor, but the clothes are clean, not unkempt, the black suit has no scalp, the nails are neatly trimmed, it is respect for oneself, others are comfortable to see, and have nothing to do with fat and thin.

A man who is old and fat, is as ridiculous as a woman who wants to go face-lifting all day long. Take a walk at leisure and see the flowers, enough. Manage the mother of others!

The road to life must come sooner or later. When it comes, it's better to be prepared and enjoy its peace.

 People always have to learn from nature, and it is best to give flowers before they die.

Consciously keeping the old, but when I meet young people, I find that there is a generation gap: I have to work hard at work, I have to dance at rest. They have to mix the two and cite various philosophies. I only feel that they are old, I am younger. The monsters in jeans and beards have also proved to be able to survive in the commercial community in advanced territories. As long as there is a truth.

When you are older, you have the advantage of being able to talk less about lie and less lie.

We will find out how comfortable it is to tell the truth, how fun it is. In my own case, I can tell a truth by telling the truth.

Old, must be old and solemn.

Old, must be old and clean.

Old, old and fragrant.

Whether the brand name is not important, but it is hot and wash every day. Clothing is a kind of respect for others and a respect for oneself.

Wrinkles are proud, but the roots should be scraped, and it can be done as a beautiful woman. It takes more time to organize and spend more time.

The young man said: You are old.

No, no, no, no, we won't get older, we will only get better.

I hope that I can be like red wine, the older the more alcohol. A fragrant, tempting young people to turn around. Everything looks open and let go, life is open-minded and cheerful, how good.

It’s better to live a life

Living better, simpler is the meaning of life.

Since childhood, my parents have asked me to be a good person. Is it not easy to be a person? Do not. not easy.

“What is it to be a man?” said the friend. “Isn’t it the face?”

No, being a man is trying not to look at other people's faces, to be a human being, and there is no need to look at others' faces.

Born, everyone is equal. There must be mutual respect between people. So I don't care what the other profession is, I am always young, I respect.

In addition to respecting people, we must respect the environment in which we live. This is a basic condition.

My father's punctuality, friendship, and responsibility for doing things, from growing up to being old, are all firmly grasped by me, but they are not all done. It is very hard to implement. The most important thing is to give up on self. as a center.

I used to betrayed by human beings to sell friends for even a small profit, even brothers and parents, and learned to forgive. People are fragile.

The era of hatred and hatred in youth has passed. But you don't need to be sleek, you still have to say something. In order to win this right, I have paid a lot. Now, what I ask for is just to say as much as I can say, not humble.

At this point, the biggest shortcoming is that it has become old and stubborn, but it has been refining into a poisonous body. The criticism of others is as popular as a person. There is no difference between Chinese and Americans. May you and me be the same, be a person.

Life has gone more than half, not as good as eighty-nine. At this point, the biggest shortcoming is that it has become old and stubborn, but it has been refined into a poisonous body. Other people’s criticisms are popular when they think that they are one person. There is no difference between Chinese and Americans. May you and me be the same, be a person.

Life has gone more than half, not as good as eighty-nine. Until now, you can avoid avoiding it as much as you can. It is not worth worrying about more troubles.

I probably didn't like the character of frowning since I was a child. When the children cried for Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, I watched Xu Wenchang's story and smiled.

I have been through the stage of making new words, and I have fallen in love with the verses and novels.

However, at that time, pain was equal to enjoyment, and compassion was the embodiment of comedy.

Always need a clown? Let me dye my nose.

It is best to die in my mind, such as hurting the wounds, turning the soft sausages, burning the five, burning the heart like a knife, swearing, and sullen.

Now, you can avoid avoiding it as much as possible, and it is not worth worrying about more troubles.

I probably didn't like the character of frowning since I was a child. When the children cried for Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, I watched Xu Wenchang's story and smiled.

It’s better to live a life

What is the meaning of longevity when you live unhappy?

The length of a person's life is not controlled by himself. It is a pity that you look at people who go earlier than us! The billionaires we all know together, eating the same abalone and fins every day, is to make everything boring. No matter who is rich or poor, as long as you pay attention to every detail of life, a little joy, you can already enjoy it. To repeat, the length of life is not controlled by oneself, but the quality of life is better than ourselves!

Cooking vegetables for others and giving them food is the best way to eliminate loneliness.

There is no better time to eat than to eat, and the feeling of fullness is always a good feeling.

When people say that they are in love, it is best to find something to eat, so it is not so painful. I rarely fall in love, but there are always troubles, desperate to eat, personal experience, can really forget the unpleasant feeling.

Make a good meal, start from the early morning shopping market, see the fresh vegetables, like waving to you, making people laugh, seeing the hawkers working hard, being deeply touched by the hard work . At this time, you will find that your own problems are not big.

What is the meaning of life? Eat a little better, sleep better, play more, don't envy others, don't listen to the burden, save more life experience, die without regrets, this is the biggest meaning, not at all complicated.