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In 2010, there was a big battle between Tencent and 360, the so-called "3Q battle", which made 360's founders famous for a while, and Tencent changed a lot because of this battle.


As long as you mention the "Red Clothes Master", I believe that as long as a person in the Internet circle, no one knows him, he is Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360.


Because he often wears a red Polo shirt and likes to fight the world in the Internet circle, he makes the name of the "red-coated god" more resounding in the circle than the original name of "Zhou Hongzhen".


In fact, Zhou Hongzhen has had fierce battles with famous companies such as Alibaba, Baidu, Millet and Netease before and after, but what really made him popular was the "3Q War".


What's more, his super product IP, 360 Security Guard, is just as popular as the popular micro-mail, which almost occupied the whole Internet market in a whirlwind.


Nowadays, many people will install 360 security guards on their computers or mobile phones, and this terminal product used a free marketing strategy.


This free model, as Liu Cixin mentioned in the "three bodies" of the power of super-terrible dimension reduction.


This free security software almost knocked all the security software charged at that time, especially the Kingsoft drug lord who was in charge of Lei Jun, out of hand.


Since then, 360 security guards began to dominate in this field and successfully went to the United States for listing. Because of the particularity of network security, they went back to Hong Kong for listing.


Despite the ups and downs of the listing, the "red-shirt bishop" has already been sitting on hundreds of billions of assets, both fame and wealth.


From the perspective of building personal IP, Zhou Hongzhen successfully used the event marketing of "3Q War" and the free marketing mode of 360 security guards, which became famous in the Internet circle.


Anything from 0 to 1 is the most difficult process, and there are few people like Zhou Hongzhen who can kill a blood line from the Red Sea in the Internet circle.


Of course, Zhou Hongzhu's "3Q War" event marketing is very difficult to replicate, but the free mode of marketing can still extract valuable things from it and apply them.


For our small and medium-sized business owners and grass-roots entrepreneurs, what are the places worth learning from Zhou Hongyan, especially how to build personal IP from 0 to 1?


1. Clear positioning


Zhou Hongyi's positioning is network security, so the first step to build personal IP is positioning. You must clearly define what your positioning is.


Location can be found from their own side, and the criteria for location can be chosen as far as possible in the market segments with large demand and small competition.


2. Content Moulding


The core focus is on what problems you can solve for your customers, and then provide your solutions and solutions.


Zhou Hongyi developed 360 security guards, which is what he created to solve various security problems faced by terminal customers on computers or mobile phones.


Then the application in us is to really help customers solve problems or provide solutions by shaping valuable content.


The content you create must be closely related to your own positioning, just like the personal IP creation I wrote, the theme of each article is to write closely related to personal IP, according to the needs of users and then give their own solutions and methods.


3. Marketing Promotion


Organize your content into articles, books, videos, audio and other media for marketing and promotion.


Zhou Hongzhu's method has been mentioned above, mainly in event marketing and free marketing mode, so we can learn from his free marketing mode to do marketing and promotion.


For example, if your articles are posted on the Internet to provide free and valuable information, and your articles are really helping users solve problems, then you can quickly attract a lot of precise intent customers to contact you on their own initiative.


According to the above three steps from 0 to 1 to build your own personal IP, the core is actually your own execution.


I've always liked this saying. A third-rate idea plus a first-rate execution is always better than a first-rate idea plus a third-rate execution.


As a cyber security guard, it can be said that nobody in the Lei Army's Jinshan drug lord was above the right, but why was he finally attacked by 360 security guards of Zhou Hongzhu?


Free mode marketing is well known to all, but the first person who really has implementation is Zhou Hongyi, the "Red Coat Master".


So, as long as the method is correct, personal IP building from 0 to 1 is very simple, the most important thing is to work hard on execution.
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  • 作为全球最大的中文搜索引擎, 百度 给我们的生活确实带来了很大的便利,也让我们国家真正拥有了自己的搜索引擎,保护了国家的隐私。 但是百度市值突然下滑,论坛里就出现了树